Our food philosophy

Our goal has been to create a culinary haven in the heart of Cape Town, a place that discerning locals and international visitors can return to for a unique, sensory dining experience. The chef’s team uses fundamental cooking techniques combined with an obsession for balance, together with the imagination and artistry inspired by Harald’s creativity.

We serve timeless dishes, with Eastern and Western influences that take cognisance of seasonal flavours and local ingredients. Light, balanced food that excites your senses, piques your curiosity, makes you sigh with delight, and leaves you satisfied and energised.

Aubergine has always sourced fresh produce directly from farmers and trusted suppliers, ensuring the origin of the ingredients as well as the integrity with which they are produced. We strive to adhere to sustainable seafood practices where possible and use free-range meat and produce sourced from two organic vegetable gardens in Stellenbosch.

Our degustation menu

This is a sample menu. Please scroll down to our dinner menu at the bottom of this page to see our latest menus.

Carrot soup

We pick the tastiest carrots from our organic garden to produce a soup whose natural sweetness and flavours shine through. Combined with earthy goats’ milk cheese, blood orange and carrot crackers, this creatively flavoured soup shows how a non-protein ingredient can still be the star of the show. Aubergine’s imaginative dishes are very popular with vegetarians and vegans and special menus are available on request.

Masala fish

Inspired by Harald’s Indian mother-in-law and using locally caught seafood, this is a lightly spicy colourful dish, ideal for either summer or winter dining. We use a variety of masala marinades together with ingredients like tamarind, ginger and lime to provide an alternative spicy option on our menu


Ostrich ‘eye’ fillet, the choice fillet on Aubergine’s menu, is combined with sweetbreads and bone marrow dumplings. Contrasting green and red elements make this an excellent dish to pair with Rhône-style blends or Syrah. We serve an array of vegetables to complement our main courses.


Our mature, handmade local cheeses, some made from raw milk, are served with condiments such as toasted nuts, lightly sweetened preserves and fruit. They are paired with South Africa’s famous Late Harvests, Tawny, Vintage and Port wines. Hand-picked international cheeses can always be found under our cheese cloche.


Aubergine desserts are not overwhelmed by sweetness, but ingeniously combined with fruity elements that provide contrast and balance. Grand Cru chocolate is used to create a fine-grained texture to the chocolate components in our desserts. Sorbets and ice creams with good acidity also keep our desserts light and refreshing.


Aubergine prides itself on the variety of vegetarian dishes it offers. Available a la carte or combined into a tasting menu with optional wine pairing. The sophisticated vegetarian creations use organic vegetables and pulses, and are often inspired by Indian and Oriental cuisine. These dishes can also be delicious alternative starters or main courses for all diners. Please request our vegetarian menu from your waiter.


Aubergine offers a creative, innovative lunch menu that includes classical Mediterranean-style dishes with fish, poultry, white and red meats. Lunch is served in the warmer months of the year and each week a new a la carte selection and Chef’s menu are available. Book a private area for your business lunch, or enjoy al fresco dining on the terrace on perfect summer days.

We’re serving lunch for the Summer season until May 2020.


For dinner you can choose between an A la Carte or Degustation Menu, with optional wine pairing. An array of additional vegetarian dishes ensures that there is something for everyone. Aubergine’s cuisine accentuates lightness and balance and aims to preserve the natural character of its seasonally sourced produce. The Chef’s carefully curated network of suppliers ensures that the finest ingredients are used, including delicious vegetables and fresh greens from organic gardens.